Having your own style and standing out is pretty much an American pastime – which is why the funny t-shirt was a smash hit when it was first conceived, and continues to draw rave reviews today. As far back as we can recall, the first major funny shirt was the yellow Smiley Face; we have come a long way since then!

So what’s the attraction, exactly? Why, to extrovert your own personal sense of humor on to the public at large – all without uttering a word, yourself. Not surprisingly, men and women tend to pick funny shirts that speak to their “soul”, so to speak, which sums up some of what you’re about. In the following article, we’ll check out two handfuls of some of the funniest t shirts for either gender.

1. The Hyperbolic T Shirt

Let’s face it: hyperbolic is almost always funny – as long as it is in relatively good taste. Take a conventional sentiment or old saying, and put a jet engine on it to rev it up for laughs. That’s why we’re sure you’ll like the woman’s funny shirt “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Vodka.” Heck – why not wear it to your next wine-tasting party.

2.The Getting Hitched T Shirt For Women

There are a just a handful of events in a woman’s life that are of about equal importance: getting married and having a child. If you’re able to get a funny shirt making light of these in a clever way, you’ll be the talk of the gathering. We like the “Under New Management” marriage t shirt to suit this sentiment the best.

3.Marriage Shirt for Men

Let’s toss a bone to the men for a change, with this humorous entry in the unisex apparel section. The emblem is entitled “My Wife is Calling and I Must Go”, which lets all the ladies at the gym know that you’re very taken.

4. Male Affirmation T Shirt

Let everyone know, loud and proud, that you’re considered a mature member of society with the “Legendary Dad” funny shirt. Not much on modesty, it’s still a bit of a riot for the parenting confidence that it exudes.

5. Women’s Drunken Reveries Tee

This cute little number is St. Patrick’s Day green, and hosts a leprechaun holding up your next beer. The shirt reads “Let’s Get ready to Stumble” and makes no apologies for it – girls just want to have fun, right?

6.Women’s Tee – Evolutionary Biology

You might have read the title with a quizzical look – but this funny shirt for women takes the cake. The “Evolution of Women” tee shows the humble beginnings of the fair sex, from lesser primate to modern-day shopping queen.

7.Funny Space T-Shirt for Men

This one is actually unisex, and has a picture of a milk carton hollering at a UFO that’s abducting a cow from the farm. You can’t make this stuff up

8. Finally – A Nerdy Tee with Humor

Nerdy humor is as old as time, which is why it’s a shame it took us this long to finally give a plug to a hilarious but true example. The “Turn Coffee Into Code” funny shirt just about sums up the life of the average programmer or software coder. Grab your version and let everyone know what you do for a living – you might even get some freelance clients as a result.

9. Play on Terms Shirt

A tee with a double-meaning is always a good bet for making a joke; this is why the “My Bucket List is Full of Beer” tee is a hit. Wear it with pride.

10. Humor for Men and Women

Our last funny shirt on the list is definitely unisex and, although it may take a couple of seconds to get the joke, it really gave us a grin and serious eye roll. The “Waffles Are Just Pancakes With Abs” t-shirt is guaranteed to get a chuckle from onlookers.

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