One problem that winter presents is the inability to wear summer clothing. Don’t be that person that has boring shirts on underneath the layers. All of your new t-shirts and shorts that you bought are carefully folded and placed in a drawer to wait until spring. Although this does not have to be the case. Knowing how to layer and which essentials to include can allow you to wear your favorite t-shirt throughout the year. Here is how you can get more use out of your graphic t-shirt. 

Layer with Jackets/Cardigans

Just because your t-shirt has short cuffs does not mean you cannot wear it in the winter. You just need to add another stylish article of clothing to make up for it. You can easily create an original and striking outfit by coupling your t-shirt with a jacket or cardigan.

Jackets allow you to button up when you are outdoors. Any time you are inside, however, you can unbutton your jacket and show off your favorite t-shirt. Depending on the material and color of your jacket, it can go well with your t-shirt or offer a striking contrast.

A cardigan, on the other hand, can offer a cozy and warm embrace whether it is open or closed. This type of clothing can also add some style to your t-shirt while preserving your heat.

A problem that many people run into during the winter season is that they need to dress for two different temperatures. There is the blistering cold temperature outside, then the overbearing heat inside of a building. A jacket or cardigan is a great choice because it can be easily removed if you become too hot indoors. Even better, your t-shirt will be on full display. 

Keep to the Essentials

There are a few articles of clothing that you should continue to wear during the winter. Your shorts should remain in the dresser, unfortunately. Yet you can wear pants that go well with your t-shirt instead.

Some essentials that you should wear with your graphic t-shirt are:

  • Jeans
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Hat

A pair of jeans, be they rugged or carefully tailored, can accentuate the sharp lines of a t-shirt. They also ensure that your legs are completely covered and protected from the winter chill.

Boots are another must-have for winter. As it happens, certain boots can also go well with your t-shirt outfit. Leather boots, in particular, can bring a rugged appearance to your outfit.

Your ears should not be forgotten either. To keep the cold temperatures from blistering your ears, you may also want to consider wearing a graphic hat. There are plenty of styles of hats around. Many of those hats also come with some sort of graphic. Matching your hat with your t-shirt can emphasize your sense of style.

Finally, you are going to need a pair of gloves. If you are already wearing a graphic t-shirt, then you may also benefit from wearing a pair of graphic gloves. These gloves contain some sort of graphic print on the back of them. Choose gloves that match your t-shirt’s theme in order to make a cohesive outdoor or winter look. 

Start Shopping for Your Winter Look

Just because you have to wear multiple layers doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of style. By customizing your essentials and including a jacket or cardigan, you can proudly display your favorite t-shirt and stay warm. Shop today.

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