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The Best Unique Face Masks

In times of health concerns, many are turning to face masks to help keep themselves safe. While our masks aren't cleared by the FDA to keep potential infections from occurring, they can help offer some protection. Our face covers are also fashionable and making wear a mask look cool. At Cut the Shirt, we specialize in creating unique designs on various products. Here are a few features of our cool and unique face masks. 

Double Filtration

One of the reasons why our face covers are some of the best is because we take the time to add in a double layer of fabric to each mask. These two layers of fabric offer extra filtration and can help keep out viruses. While they're not as protective as industry-created PPEs, our face masks that feature double filtration offer more protection than you would receive with standard face coverings or no face masks at all.

When you want to be safe from becoming infected with a potentially lethal virus, our face mask may be able to help.

Cool and Unique Designs

We believe that just because you want to protect yourself with a face mask doesn't mean that you need to look silly doing it. Our face coverings are some of the best because we offer cool designs. We have something for everyone. Are you extremely patriotic in our country's time of need? Then we have a mask for you.

Perhaps you like designs that you can't find anywhere else. Then we also have a mask for you. We have something for nerds and those who like to have a bit of a laugh, too. Our designs can also be matched with a coronavirus t-shirt to show the virus just how defiant you are.

Easy to Wear

One problem that many people face when wearing face coverings is that they're hard to put on in the first place. This can cause them to wear face covers incorrectly. As a result, they may be more prone to becoming sick than they would have if they had been able to wear the face covers correctly. Our face coverings make it simple.

We have elastic bands that can be easily wrapped around your ears for the best protection. The elastic bands are the best material to use because it allows the face mask to fit anyone. While we do offer various sizes, the elastic bands help to ensure that your mask fits your face perfectly. 


Another problem that other face masks run into is their inability to be worn again. This is a problem you won't face from us. Our face masks can be tossed into the washing machine, cleaned, and then used again. You don't have to remove the elastic bands, you don't have to remove the second piece of fabric, you don't need to do anything.

You can simply toss the mask into your washing machine and have it cleaned. When you take it out, you can be sure that the mask is sterilized and ready to be used again. 


Many face masks are difficult to breathe through. This can make wearing them almost impossible for those who suffer from breathing difficulties. Our face masks are made from soft polyester fabric. This is a breathable material that is soft against our skin. It will help keep viruses out but won't suffocate you in the process.

Keep Yourself Safe

Check out our inventory of face masks today to find the style right for you. You can do your part in protecting others by wearing it when outside.