Cold as Ice, But Lookin’ Nice: Cozy Layers and Essentials for Winter

One problem that winter presents is the inability to wear summer clothing. Don’t be that person that has boring shirts on underneath the layers. All of your new t-shirts and shorts that you bought are carefully folded and placed in a drawer to wait until spring. Although this does not have to be the case. Knowing how to layer and which essentials to include can allow you to wear your favorite t-shirt throughout the year. Here is how you can get more use out of your graphic t-shirt. 

Layer with Jackets/Cardigans

Just because your t-shirt has short cuffs does not mean you cannot wear it in the winter. You just need to add another stylish article of clothing to make up for it. You can easily create an original and striking outfit by coupling your t-shirt with a jacket or cardigan.

Jackets allow you to button up when you are outdoors. Any time you are inside, however, you can unbutton your jacket and show off your favorite t-shirt. Depending on the material and color of your jacket, it can go well with your t-shirt or offer a striking contrast.

A cardigan, on the other hand, can offer a cozy and warm embrace whether it is open or closed. This type of clothing can also add some style to your t-shirt while preserving your heat.

A problem that many people run into during the winter season is that they need to dress for two different temperatures. There is the blistering cold temperature outside, then the overbearing heat inside of a building. A jacket or cardigan is a great choice because it can be easily removed if you become too hot indoors. Even better, your t-shirt will be on full display. 

Keep to the Essentials

There are a few articles of clothing that you should continue to wear during the winter. Your shorts should remain in the dresser, unfortunately. Yet you can wear pants that go well with your t-shirt instead.

Some essentials that you should wear with your graphic t-shirt are:

  • Jeans
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Hat

A pair of jeans, be they rugged or carefully tailored, can accentuate the sharp lines of a t-shirt. They also ensure that your legs are completely covered and protected from the winter chill.

Boots are another must-have for winter. As it happens, certain boots can also go well with your t-shirt outfit. Leather boots, in particular, can bring a rugged appearance to your outfit.

Your ears should not be forgotten either. To keep the cold temperatures from blistering your ears, you may also want to consider wearing a graphic hat. There are plenty of styles of hats around. Many of those hats also come with some sort of graphic. Matching your hat with your t-shirt can emphasize your sense of style.

Finally, you are going to need a pair of gloves. If you are already wearing a graphic t-shirt, then you may also benefit from wearing a pair of graphic gloves. These gloves contain some sort of graphic print on the back of them. Choose gloves that match your t-shirt’s theme in order to make a cohesive outdoor or winter look. 

Start Shopping for Your Winter Look

Just because you have to wear multiple layers doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of style. By customizing your essentials and including a jacket or cardigan, you can proudly display your favorite t-shirt and stay warm. Shop today.

What are Graphic Tees? How do They Differ from T-Shirts?

The next time you go shopping, you may notice that graphic tees are advertised differently from standard t-shirts. If you have ever wondered why, then you are about to find out. Here’s why graphic tees are different from t-shirts. 

What Are Graphic T-Shirts?

First, it is vital that we explore what makes a graphic t-shirt a graphic tee. There are a few elements that need to be met. One of the most telling is the design on the t-shirt. Not all t-shirts have a design on them. Some t-shirts are just a solid color or no color at all.

In order for a graphic t-shirt to be considered graphic, it needs to contain a graphic. This graphic can be as large as something that takes up the entire front and back of the shirt or it can be as small as a simple logo on the sleeve. As long as it contains some sort of artwork, it’s a graphic tee.

Another element of a graphic tee is its size. While there are certainly many styles of graphic t-shirts, the standard graphic t-shirt is something that has sleeves that stop a bit above your elbow. While there are graphic shirts that are made for certain sexes, many graphic shirts are built for unisex use.

While there are also many sizes, you will likely also find that graphic t-shirts tend to run a little tighter than standard t-shirts. This is due both to its design and likely the kind of material that is used in the making of the t-shirt.

No matter if you are male, female, or non-binary, the unisex can fit you. This makes the graphic t-shirt something that defies barriers. Everyone can wear it and love it.

For many people, the graphics depicted on the t-shirt have to do with a favorite fandom, a funny saying, or their political beliefs. Graphic t-shirts give people a chance to declare aspects of themselves that they want others to know.

Finally, a graphic t-shirt often uses different kinds of materials. Some materials are better quality than others. A frequent complaint of graphic tees is that they shrink in the wash after one use. It is vital that you choose graphic t-shirts that are both made from high-quality materials and pre-shrunk. 

What is a Standard T-Shirt?

The standard t-shirt, on the other hand, typically does not have any kind of design on it. If it does, then it is likely the shirt’s brand. These shirts are a solid color or simply white.

They also typically only have one style. While there are multi-sex t-shirts, the standard t-shirt, or unisex one, comes with sleeves that rest above the elbow, a circular collar, and a loose fit around the middle.

T-shirts are beneficial when you just want a single color to go with the rest of your outfit. They do not make you stand out quite so much as a graphic t-shirt. 

Find Your Graphic T-Shirt Today

If you want people to know an aspect of your personality, then consider our high-quality graphic t-shirts.

How to Make an Outfit with Your Graphic T-Shirt / Part 2

Graphic t-shirts are always in style. They are also one of the most enjoyable kinds of apparel to make an outfit out of. If you are having difficulty planning out an outfit around your graphic t-shirt, then here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Men: Try a Vest

Guys who want to make their graphic t-shirt a bit classier may want to include a vest. You do not want to try anything too fancy. Black, silk, vests should be reserved for formal wear. However, there are plenty of other vests out there that are more casual.

Couple your graphic t-shirt with a wool, plaid, or even denim vest. You will also want to play around with colors. Using a high-contrast vest can make your graphic t-shirt pop. Yet you may also benefit from using certain shades of grey with matching pants to give yourself a cool and stylish appearance. 

Women: Try a Cardigan

While ladies can certainly try on a vest as well, you may find that a cardigan may go well with your graphic t-shirt. What is better than something that is both edgy and comfy? When it comes to choosing your cardigan, you will want to make sure that it is not too voluminous that it covers the design of your t-shirt. The cardigan needs to remain opened and the sleeves should be rolled up to your elbows.

Similar to vests, you will also want to choose a high-contrast color. Whites and blacks can look stunning with your t-shirt.

Add a stylish necklace to bring the whole look together. 

Men: High-Quality Denim Pants

When it comes to wearing a graphic t-shirt, many men will immediately pull out their jeans to go with it. While denim can look great with a graphic t-shirt, there is also an opportunity to dress it up. Stay away from jeans that have holes in them or have tattered bottoms.

Instead, you should try for denim that clearly comes from a great brand. You will also want to stay away from shades of blue. Instead, opt for denim that is brown, grey, or even black. A great accessory to include with your denim is a contrasting belt. 

Women: Flowy Skirts

If you want to turn a graphic t-shirt outfit on its head, then don yourself with a flowy skirt. These are the kinds of skirts that catch the wind easily and float about you. Just because you may be wearing a t-shirt that is hardcore doesn’t mean you can’t add some softness to it.

Try some flat shoes or boots and you are truly rocking your new look. 

Experiment Today

One of the best things about graphic t-shirts is that they offer creative and new ways to make stunning outfits. Experiment with yours.

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How to Stay Home in Style with Cut The Shirt

Not getting out as much as you used to? Neither are we, which is why we’ve created a full suite of apparel, unique graphic t-shirts, housewares, and accessories to make sure everyone can ride out the quarantine in style. Spending all your time within the same four walls is no excuse for not trying. Make an effort so everyone on social media can enjoy your look with these four tips.


When you are the guest of honor at a party of one, you never need to worry about wearing the same thing as someone else. Now is the perfect time to choose tee shirts that make you happy since there is no one else to impress. When you look in the mirror, does the shirt spark joy? It’s time to choose a different one if the answer is anything other than “Absolutely!” Even if you share your home with someone else, choosing outfits that make your heart sing is an easy form of self-care. We have an enormous selection of apparel regardless of whether you’re looking for a motivational shirt for working hours, or your favorite pop culture design for virtual trivia nights with friends.


Virtual work meetings require the most professional style from the waist up. Your best blazer and blouse will make an excellent match with our great selection of leggings. Chances are you won’t be the only one taking advantage of this trick. Is your boss wearing sweatpants? You may never know.


Now as one day rolls into the next, you must still be fully outfitted to enjoy your time off. We suggest the classic pairing of our hooded blankets and popular mugs. Imagine snuggling up with a steamy cup of coffee, completely covered in your favorite graphic blanket. If it’s after 5 and you’re over 21, we also have a fun selection of beer covers to complete the weekend look.


No one knows how long we’ll be staying in our homes, so treat yourself to one of our monthly shirt subscriptions. Even if your social life is limited to couch surfing home base, fresh threads each month will leave you feeling like a new person. Subscriptions are available to suit a variety of interests, so surprise your best friend with one as well. You may not be spending much face-to-face time with them right now, but you can still be in their thoughts when they open up their new shirt each month.

Cut The Shirt is the only site you need to visit to create a comfortable domestic fashion statement. With men’s, women’s, and unisex styles, we have something for everyone.

Top 10 Funny Shirts in 2020

Having your own style and standing out is pretty much an American pastime – which is why the funny t-shirt was a smash hit when it was first conceived, and continues to draw rave reviews today. As far back as we can recall, the first major funny shirt was the yellow Smiley Face; we have come a long way since then!

So what’s the attraction, exactly? Why, to extrovert your own personal sense of humor on to the public at large – all without uttering a word, yourself. Not surprisingly, men and women tend to pick funny shirts that speak to their “soul”, so to speak, which sums up some of what you’re about. In the following article, we’ll check out two handfuls of some of the funniest t shirts for either gender.

1. The Hyperbolic T Shirt

Let’s face it: hyperbolic is almost always funny – as long as it is in relatively good taste. Take a conventional sentiment or old saying, and put a jet engine on it to rev it up for laughs. That’s why we’re sure you’ll like the woman’s funny shirt “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Vodka.” Heck – why not wear it to your next wine-tasting party.

2.The Getting Hitched T Shirt For Women

There are a just a handful of events in a woman’s life that are of about equal importance: getting married and having a child. If you’re able to get a funny shirt making light of these in a clever way, you’ll be the talk of the gathering. We like the “Under New Management” marriage t shirt to suit this sentiment the best.

3.Marriage Shirt for Men

Let’s toss a bone to the men for a change, with this humorous entry in the unisex apparel section. The emblem is entitled “My Wife is Calling and I Must Go”, which lets all the ladies at the gym know that you’re very taken.

4. Male Affirmation T Shirt

Let everyone know, loud and proud, that you’re considered a mature member of society with the “Legendary Dad” funny shirt. Not much on modesty, it’s still a bit of a riot for the parenting confidence that it exudes.

5. Women’s Drunken Reveries Tee

This cute little number is St. Patrick’s Day green, and hosts a leprechaun holding up your next beer. The shirt reads “Let’s Get ready to Stumble” and makes no apologies for it – girls just want to have fun, right?

6.Women’s Tee – Evolutionary Biology

You might have read the title with a quizzical look – but this funny shirt for women takes the cake. The “Evolution of Women” tee shows the humble beginnings of the fair sex, from lesser primate to modern-day shopping queen.

7.Funny Space T-Shirt for Men

This one is actually unisex, and has a picture of a milk carton hollering at a UFO that’s abducting a cow from the farm. You can’t make this stuff up

8. Finally – A Nerdy Tee with Humor

Nerdy humor is as old as time, which is why it’s a shame it took us this long to finally give a plug to a hilarious but true example. The “Turn Coffee Into Code” funny shirt just about sums up the life of the average programmer or software coder. Grab your version and let everyone know what you do for a living – you might even get some freelance clients as a result.

9. Play on Terms Shirt

A tee with a double-meaning is always a good bet for making a joke; this is why the “My Bucket List is Full of Beer” tee is a hit. Wear it with pride.

10. Humor for Men and Women

Our last funny shirt on the list is definitely unisex and, although it may take a couple of seconds to get the joke, it really gave us a grin and serious eye roll. The “Waffles Are Just Pancakes With Abs” t-shirt is guaranteed to get a chuckle from onlookers.

graphic tee color choices mood

How Shirt Colors and Designs Can Uplift Your Mood

The Science of Color

Colorimetry is the science of color. It details the neurological processes that occur within a person’s mind when they see certain colors. Color psychology, in particular, studies how certain shades can affect your mood. Understanding color psychology can help you make small choices on what to wear and surround yourself with in order to uplift your mood. Here’s how shirt colors and designs can help keep you positive.

Knowing Color Psychology

The first step is to understand what colors evoke emotions. When we see red, for example, we typically think of danger, war, love, and passion. Because red is often associated with signs of danger or an emergency, our mind automatically makes us more alert to the color. We may feel more energized when we see the color because our mind is telling us that there may be a danger.

Blue, on the other hand, typically helps us feel calm. It’s unique and stirs feelings of compassion. You may be more relaxed after looking at certain shades of blue.

Finally, another example is yellow. This color is typically associated with feelings of joy and happiness. It makes us energized because we feel more excited and happy when looking at the color. 

Shirts and Color

This relates to shirts in that you can choose certain shirt colors to invoke a certain feeling in yourself and others. Do you want to stand out? Then a red shirt will automatically make people around you more aware of you. Perhaps you want to invoke feelings of calmness and confidence. In this case, a blue shirt may be the best to wear.

For those who want to be upbeat and happy, then a yellow shirt could give them the energetic buzz that they need. 

Shirt Designs and Mood

When it comes to design, they can help uplift moods based on two key factors. The first is if the design is rare or unique. When we wear something that people haven’t seen before, they take an interest in us. Our unique t-shirt designs can help peak that interest of others. That might make us feel important. It gives us confidence because we chose to walk a different route than everyone else.

The other factor is if the design makes up an image or slogan that we find funny or inspirational. Our men’s funny t-shirts hit the spot for most and don’t forget we have women’s funny tees too! Looking at the image may be all it takes to make us feel uplifted or happy.

When shirt color and shirt design are used together, you can create an outfit specifically designed to uplift your mood. More than that, it might even uplift the mood of everyone around you.

Check Out Our Shirts Today

At Cut the Shirt, we provide high-quality t-shirts with unique designs. Check out our store and find your uplifting shirt. You may have a unique level of interest with a certain lifestyle and we try to hit a variety of t-shirts that will hit home with most people. Recently we added a funny sports t-shirt section for all the sports fans out there.

unique shirts

How to Make an Outfit with Your Graphic T-Shirt

Stylizing Your Graphic T-Shirt

While graphic t-shirts can be worn on their own, there’s also a missed opportunity for those who don’t attempt to style it. Stylizing your shirt shows a real sense of fashion and displays to others that you care about how you look. At Cut The Shirt, we offer graphic t-shirts for men or tees for women that can create fashion trends. Here’s how you can style them. 

For the Ladies: Wear it with a Skirt

You may not immediately think that a graphic t-shirt and a skirt would pair, but they do! The best kind of skirt to wear with a graphic shirt is something bold. You’ll want to think of bold colors and bold design. While any length of the skirt should pair well, graphic t-shirts look especially well when coupled with skirts that are long and flowy.

This outfit is great for both casual outings and formal-casual outings. 

For the Men: Wear it with a Denim Jacket

If you’re a fan of looking old school cool, then you can always choose to wear it with a denim jacket. While you don’t want to go total ’90s, there are many modern cuts of denim jackets today that look fantastic. Graphic shirts look attractive when paired with denim. This outfit is great for casual gatherings or when you just want to relax at home. 

For the Ladies: Wear it with Denim Shorts

Nothing says summer like pairing your graphic t-shirt with denim shorts. Whether you want to go full-shorts or mid-length, the two pair beautifully together. You’re also sure to stay cool.

This outfit is great for casual wear and hanging out at the beach. 

For the Men: Wear it with a Neutral Cardigan

Want to show off your sensitive side while still maintaining your rough looks? Then a graphic t-shirt paired with a neutral-colored cardigan is the look you need. Cardigans have come a long way since being primarily worn by stuffy professors. When paired with a graphic shirt, they offer a sense of sophistication. You’re someone of specific taste but you don’t mind roughing it up from time to time.

This outfit is great for casual gatherings and formal-casual gatherings. 

For the Ladies: Wear it with a Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jackets have transformed over the years. No longer are they simply leather and black. You can find them in various materials and colors. This makes them a great choice for graphic t-shirts. The jacket will give you an upscale grunge look. You’re not someone to be messed with, but you have an eye for fashion, too.

This look is great for casual wear.

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No outfit can begin without your graphic t-shirt. Check out our unique t-shirts today.

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