The next time you go shopping, you may notice that graphic tees are advertised differently from standard t-shirts. If you have ever wondered why, then you are about to find out. Here’s why graphic tees are different from t-shirts. 

What Are Graphic T-Shirts?

First, it is vital that we explore what makes a graphic t-shirt a graphic tee. There are a few elements that need to be met. One of the most telling is the design on the t-shirt. Not all t-shirts have a design on them. Some t-shirts are just a solid color or no color at all.

In order for a graphic t-shirt to be considered graphic, it needs to contain a graphic. This graphic can be as large as something that takes up the entire front and back of the shirt or it can be as small as a simple logo on the sleeve. As long as it contains some sort of artwork, it’s a graphic tee.

Another element of a graphic tee is its size. While there are certainly many styles of graphic t-shirts, the standard graphic t-shirt is something that has sleeves that stop a bit above your elbow. While there are graphic shirts that are made for certain sexes, many graphic shirts are built for unisex use.

While there are also many sizes, you will likely also find that graphic t-shirts tend to run a little tighter than standard t-shirts. This is due both to its design and likely the kind of material that is used in the making of the t-shirt.

No matter if you are male, female, or non-binary, the unisex can fit you. This makes the graphic t-shirt something that defies barriers. Everyone can wear it and love it.

For many people, the graphics depicted on the t-shirt have to do with a favorite fandom, a funny saying, or their political beliefs. Graphic t-shirts give people a chance to declare aspects of themselves that they want others to know.

Finally, a graphic t-shirt often uses different kinds of materials. Some materials are better quality than others. A frequent complaint of graphic tees is that they shrink in the wash after one use. It is vital that you choose graphic t-shirts that are both made from high-quality materials and pre-shrunk. 

What is a Standard T-Shirt?

The standard t-shirt, on the other hand, typically does not have any kind of design on it. If it does, then it is likely the shirt’s brand. These shirts are a solid color or simply white.

They also typically only have one style. While there are multi-sex t-shirts, the standard t-shirt, or unisex one, comes with sleeves that rest above the elbow, a circular collar, and a loose fit around the middle.

T-shirts are beneficial when you just want a single color to go with the rest of your outfit. They do not make you stand out quite so much as a graphic t-shirt. 

Find Your Graphic T-Shirt Today

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