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unique funny graphic tees


We’re a bunch of close friends that decided to open up a custom graphic apparel and unique t-shirt store. We answer questions in under 24 hours and stand behind the quality of our products. Order your t-shirts and see what we mean.

If you’re someone who loves to start fashion trends instead of just following them, then our company’s unique t-shirts are worth considering. At Cut The Shirt, we use our decade’s worth of experience in crafting interesting designs for graphic t-shirts. We’re a group of friends who wanted to make unique t-shirts for people just like us. Here are a few things that set our t-shirt company apart from the other online companies.

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Cut The Shirt has decades of experience with creating custom tees for people. We decided to branch out and create our own brand. You may have a favorite graphic tee in your wardrobe, but wait until you see some of our unique t-shirts. We carry a variety of apparel, not just t-shirts. Browse around on our online store to see if you find that unique shirt you’ve been waiting for.

Each month we release a special edition t-shirt that is only released to our subscribers. These shirts will not be for sale elsewhere. Only way to grab your chance at the unique tees is to be a monthly subscriber. Check out some of our unique limited editions each month.

Each month we release a special version under the theme. We have pop culture, gaming, beer and limited editions. It only costs $18.99/per month. Each tee you will get to see what the 3 month line-up. You can cancel to our monthly t-shirt club at anytime. You save on shipping costs after the month, if you want to get a great deal on a custom tee, subscribe today!

Unique T-Shirts to Create Your Next Outfit

Achieving a unique fashion style has never been easier. At Cut The Shirt, we make unique t-shirts that can completely set your new fashion style. When it comes to online t-shirt companies, we know they are a dime a dozen. Cut the Shirt offers something different. Our unique t-shirts are made from high-quality cotton and inspired by graphic artwork that catches our fancy. If you’re looking for shirts for sale that few people own, then we’re the store to use. Here are a few categories of unique t-shirts that you can find with us.

Unique Men’s T-Shirts

Our unique men’s t shirts feature graphic and interesting designs that any man should be happy to wear. They’re bold, uncommon, and make your shirt look wholly personal to you. Besides sweet graphics, we also have motivational slogans mixed with humor for the gruff kind of guy with a one of a kind sense of humor.

We also cater to most sizes. We have t-shirts that range from small to X-Large.

Unique Women’s T-Shirts

Not to leave the women out, we also have unique women’s t-shirts for sale on our online store. Our products range from graphic t-shirts to t-shirts talking about that quarantine life.

Our graphic t-shirts also contain motivational quotes for the woman who loves tongue-in-cheek jokes. If you’re a bold woman who loves wearing interesting and one of a kind shirts, then check out our inventory.

Funny apparel for men & women

Aside from stunning graphic t-shirts, we also have funny t-shirts for men. Whether it’s joking about the state of the world, politics, your job, or just life, we have a funny shirt for you. Where other graphic t-shirt companies may hold their punches, we certainly don’t. 

For women with a one of a kind humor, we also have funny t-shirts for women that are sure to make you laugh. Are you proud to be a woman? Then we have shirts decrying that pride, too. Be bold with your fashion when you choose our company’s one of a kind t-shirts.


A truly unique t-shirt is one that’s only available for a short amount of time. Our company regularly releases special designs on t-shirts and other apparel that is limited to a time frame or a specific quantity. After that time is up or once the t-shirts are sold, then those designs are never printed again.

Only a few select people will ever be able to wear those interesting and unique t-shirts. You can be part of that limited number by subscribing to us and checking in online to our store regularly. 

Our unique shirts don’t just have to be for yourself. You can also check out our mother’s day gift ideas for products for sale that best fit her. Some of our t-shirts or a beer koozie for father’s day can also make for the best father’s day gifts.

Graphic t-shirts make for a great gift because everyone could always use one more shirt. Our unique t-shirts just also happen to create fashion statements along the way. 

Too often, buyers end up using prints from other companies that are actually shared with other companies. What they thought was a one of a kind design is actually pretty common. When you look at our men’s tees or our women’s tees, you can be sure that they are wholly unique and one of a kind. Even our t-shirts come with their own original prints and humor. When you want a one of a kind t-shirt, then our online store can provide.

Not every online store sells high-quality t-shirts. You may notice that they shrink after the first wash. Our graphic t-shirts are made from 100% cotton. They’re comfortable to wear, light on the body, and gentle against your skin. You won’t experience that maddening itchiness here. 

Besides feeling good, our 100% cotton t-shirts for sale also look great. You can tell the difference between a t-shirt made from 100% cotton and one that has a varied material matrix. The varied t-shirt looks thinner and worse for wear.

Our 100% cotton t-shirts will last through several trips inside the washing machine.

Aside from providing funny t-shirts, our members can also benefit from member’s discounts. Our one of a kind t-shirts are even better when they’re discounted.

It pays to become a member of our online store. Not only will you receive news about any upcoming limited editions for sale, but you’ll also receive special discounts and first word about upcoming sales.

Join our monthly t-shirt club today to start saving on future purchases of our interesting graphic t-shirts.

When you shop at Cut the Shirt, you can expect excellent customer service. Need to return an item? You can receive a refund in 14 days. Want free delivery? All orders over $99 are free and we don’t charge transaction fees when you check out. 

Stop buying boring designs that anyone can wear. Look at our designs for t-shirts today and set your own fashion trend. Start your tee shopping journey now.

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