Beer Can Covers

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The Best Beer Can Covers

One of the best ways to hide beer cans is with beer koozies. Do you want to fool your friends and family that you're not clearly drinking from a beer can? Do you like the firm grip that beer koozies provide? At Cut The Shirt, we have beer can covers that will make you laugh and that serve a purpose. Here are a few features of our beer koozies.

Funny Beer Koozies & Can Covers

The best beer can koozies are those that are funny. We have plenty of different styles of beer koozies including funny beer koozies. They come with amusing slogans written across them or funny designs. Beer can covers are funny in themselves, anyway. Why not allow the koozies to be their best selves and become funny beer koozies?

Besides being able to hide beer cans, our funny beer koozies will make you, or anyone you give the koozie to, laugh. Sharing a drink is a sign of friendship. Our funny beer koozies can make sharing a drink even more fun.

They're also a great gift. If you're looking for funny Father's Day gifts, then you might want to consider our beer can covers or our alcoholic t-shirt

Bright Colors

If funny isn't your thing, then you might enjoy beer can koozies that hide beer cans beneath bright colors. The best beer can koozies are those that you can easily find. How many times have you put a koozie away only to never find it again? Most beer koozies are dull in color and can easily become lost among other items.

Our beer koozies stand out because of their bright colors. Not only does this make your beer can more eye-catching, but it also ensures that you can always find it in a drawer. 


The best beer can koozies are those that offer a firm grip on the can. The last experience you want to have is feeling your koozie slip over your beer can. The resulting mess can be a pain to clean. Nor do you want beer can covers that cause your hand to slip across it when you're gripping the can either.

Don't waste your alcohol by getting low-quality beer can covers that easily slip over the cans. Our covers can hide your beer cans but also ensure that it remains snugly wrapped around it. When you pick up your can with our koozie around it, you won't have to worry about the can slipping through the material. Nor will you have to worry about your hand slipping on the koozie material either.

Easy to Slip-On

Another feature that makes up for the best beer can koozies are that are easy to slip over the can. Struggling to slip the koozie over the beer can will eventually result in either squeezing the can and losing its contents or tearing the koozie. Nothing is more frustrating.

When you want to hide beer cans without losing your drink or patience in the process, then you should use our beer covers. You can easily slip them over the can and remove them. They wrap around the can and be rolled down with your fingers to cover the can completely.

Stop struggling with your beer can covers and experience what a real koozie should be like. 

Check Out Our Koozies Today

Whether you want to be amused or you want the best-quality koozie that you can buy, check out the best beer can koozies in our store. They're made of high-quality materials, provide a firm grip, and they're easy to slip onto the beer can.