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The Best Funny Teacher T-Shirts

As a teacher, you're used to working long hours with little show of appreciation. It's time to show yourself appreciation instead by wearing one of our funny teacher t-shirts. Cut the Shirt specializes in making funny adult t-shirts and unique t-shirts that cover various professions, hobbies, and phases of life. Here are a few features of our funny teacher t-shirts to consider.

Amusing Slogans and Images

All of our funny teacher t-shirts come with either a funny slogan or image. The slogans range from bemoaning the hard work that a teacher has to put into their job to being quite aware that you should be lesson planning instead of procrastinating. If you're not a teacher yourself but you're looking for funny teacher gifts for a special teacher in your life, then our online shop can help.

At our online shop, you'll find awesome shirts that will make any teacher laugh. Since most teachers enjoy tongue-in-cheek jokes or have a twisted sense of humor, they're sure to love the funny teacher t-shirts that our online shop has. 

Make Great Gifts

Our funny teacher t-shirts are also great gifts. When looking for funny teacher gifts, our shirts should be considered. Yet they're not the only items that might make your teacher friend or spouse laugh. We also have cool coffee mugs and funny t-shirts for women outside of the teaching profession that might amuse them.

Our funny teacher gifts are a great choice because they're made of high-quality materials and they're unique. Why get your teacher friend something that they can buy themselves easily? Our shirts are different. They're rare. 

Comfortable to Wear Tees

Our funny teacher gifts like t-shirts are also comfortable to wear. Depending on the color of the shirt that you choose, our shirts are made with 100% cotton. A few other colors may use polyester as well. Our cotton is high-quality and provides just enough of a stretch to make wearing it extremely comfy. This is due to our cotton being ring-spun and combed.

They're also designed with shoulder-to-shoulder taping to help the awesome shirt fit snugly to your body. T-shirts are notorious for not flattering the figure. Our cut and taping helps accentuate the body beneath the shirt.

One final detail that we put into our funny teacher gifts is to fold them with quarter-turns. Most online shops choose to fold the shirt down the middle. This results in a huge crease that runs down the middle of the shirt. Our method of folding removes that obvious crease, so you can wear the shirt to class without having to iron it. 

Pre-Shrink Tees

How many funny teacher gifts have you had to return because they didn't fit right after washing it? Not every store is as awesome as we are about ensuring our customers get exactly what they ordered. We pre-shrink our shirts, so you don't experience that unpleasant moment of watching the shirt's size go down a peg or two after washing it.

Not only does this ensure your funny teacher gifts are appreciated, but they'll also likely wear it often. 

Check Out Our Awesome Inventory of Funny Teacher T-Shirts

The next time you're looking for a new shirt to wear to class, check out our inventory of teacher t-shirts. Even if only your fellow colleagues understand the jokes, you're sure to enjoy those inside jokes together. Our teacher shirts are comfortable, durable, lightweight, and sure to make you and your colleagues laugh every time you wear it. Check out our inventory online to find the right teacher shirt for you.