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The Science of Color

Colorimetry is the science of color. It details the neurological processes that occur within a person’s mind when they see certain colors. Color psychology, in particular, studies how certain shades can affect your mood. Understanding color psychology can help you make small choices on what to wear and surround yourself with in order to uplift your mood. Here’s how shirt colors and designs can help keep you positive.

Knowing Color Psychology

The first step is to understand what colors evoke emotions. When we see red, for example, we typically think of danger, war, love, and passion. Because red is often associated with signs of danger or an emergency, our mind automatically makes us more alert to the color. We may feel more energized when we see the color because our mind is telling us that there may be a danger.

Blue, on the other hand, typically helps us feel calm. It’s unique and stirs feelings of compassion. You may be more relaxed after looking at certain shades of blue.

Finally, another example is yellow. This color is typically associated with feelings of joy and happiness. It makes us energized because we feel more excited and happy when looking at the color. 

Shirts and Color

This relates to shirts in that you can choose certain shirt colors to invoke a certain feeling in yourself and others. Do you want to stand out? Then a red shirt will automatically make people around you more aware of you. Perhaps you want to invoke feelings of calmness and confidence. In this case, a blue shirt may be the best to wear.

For those who want to be upbeat and happy, then a yellow shirt could give them the energetic buzz that they need. 

Shirt Designs and Mood

When it comes to design, they can help uplift moods based on two key factors. The first is if the design is rare or unique. When we wear something that people haven’t seen before, they take an interest in us. Our unique t-shirt designs can help peak that interest of others. That might make us feel important. It gives us confidence because we chose to walk a different route than everyone else.

The other factor is if the design makes up an image or slogan that we find funny or inspirational. Our men’s funny t-shirts hit the spot for most and don’t forget we have women’s funny tees too! Looking at the image may be all it takes to make us feel uplifted or happy.

When shirt color and shirt design are used together, you can create an outfit specifically designed to uplift your mood. More than that, it might even uplift the mood of everyone around you.

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