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Not getting out as much as you used to? Neither are we, which is why we’ve created a full suite of apparel, unique graphic t-shirts, housewares, and accessories to make sure everyone can ride out the quarantine in style. Spending all your time within the same four walls is no excuse for not trying. Make an effort so everyone on social media can enjoy your look with these four tips.


When you are the guest of honor at a party of one, you never need to worry about wearing the same thing as someone else. Now is the perfect time to choose tee shirts that make you happy since there is no one else to impress. When you look in the mirror, does the shirt spark joy? It’s time to choose a different one if the answer is anything other than “Absolutely!” Even if you share your home with someone else, choosing outfits that make your heart sing is an easy form of self-care. We have an enormous selection of apparel regardless of whether you’re looking for a motivational shirt for working hours, or your favorite pop culture design for virtual trivia nights with friends.


Virtual work meetings require the most professional style from the waist up. Your best blazer and blouse will make an excellent match with our great selection of leggings. Chances are you won’t be the only one taking advantage of this trick. Is your boss wearing sweatpants? You may never know.


Now as one day rolls into the next, you must still be fully outfitted to enjoy your time off. We suggest the classic pairing of our hooded blankets and popular mugs. Imagine snuggling up with a steamy cup of coffee, completely covered in your favorite graphic blanket. If it’s after 5 and you’re over 21, we also have a fun selection of beer covers to complete the weekend look.


No one knows how long we’ll be staying in our homes, so treat yourself to one of our monthly shirt subscriptions. Even if your social life is limited to couch surfing home base, fresh threads each month will leave you feeling like a new person. Subscriptions are available to suit a variety of interests, so surprise your best friend with one as well. You may not be spending much face-to-face time with them right now, but you can still be in their thoughts when they open up their new shirt each month.

Cut The Shirt is the only site you need to visit to create a comfortable domestic fashion statement. With men’s, women’s, and unisex styles, we have something for everyone.

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