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Our monthly t-shirt club will have new themes added. You can subscribe to our monthly t-shirt club for a specific theme if you’d like. You can cancel at any time. The first month you pay for shipping and after that you pay just $18.99/per month. Our monthly t-shirts are unique and limited to only subscribers and will not be up for sale individually.

These t-shirts are unique each month. Our subscription model will try to create a holiday theme or based off of current events. These t-shirts will never repeat. Each month our subscribers will see a line-up of what is to come, this gives you the ability to cancel if you aren’t crazy about the next tee. Remember your first month, you pay for shipping, as long as you keep your monthly subscription that shipping fee is waved and you only pay $18.99/per month. Giving you more than 10% savings on our website. 

If you have any themes you’d like to see in our monthly t-shirt club. Reach out to the team via email and we will try and get new ones up based off of the amount of requests for the monthly t-shirt. 

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