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The Best 420 T-Shirts for Sale

As anyone who celebrates 420 knows, it's a lifestyle. For those who partake in various forms of recreational inhalation, you need 420 t-shirts to celebrate the infamous holiday. At Cut the Shirt, we offer high-quality funny t-shirts for women along with 420 t-shirts and other amusing genres. We're different from other companies in that we offer unique designs not found anywhere else. Here are a few reasons why you might be interested in our 420 t-shirts for sale. 

Our 420 Shirts Origins

420 is a holiday celebrated on April 20th of every year. It received its recognition as the police code denoting the use of marijuana illegally. While some states have embraced the legalization of marijuana, others still punish its use and possession. That doesn't keep smokers from celebrating 420 across the country, however.

The best way to celebrate the holiday is with good smoke and one of our t-shirts for 420. 

Celebrating an Infamous Holiday

While it may not be recognized as an official holiday, 420 remains the holiday that everyone knows about and likely enjoys on some scale. For those who choose to participate, you should consider wearing our 420 t-shirts. Lounging back with your favorite smoke and beer koozie in our 420 t-shirts, you'll be bringing in the holiday in the best way possible.

Speaking of drinking, if you happen to be a fan of a fine beverage, then you may also want to check out our alcoholic t-shirt. You'll find amusing anecdotes and fun graphics. 

Unique Designs

Another reason why our t-shirts for 420 are a cut above the rest is that they feature unique designs. Like our funny sports t-shirts, our 420 t-shirts for sale offer a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor.

Whether you like a bit of science with your humor, stunning imagery on your t-shirts, or just an amusing slogan, our t-shirts for 420 have you covered. 

Comfortable to Wear

When you're relaxing and smoking, you want to be comfortable. Your t-shirt needs to be breathable and easy to bend in if you're using a bong. Or it needs to allow you to lounge backward if you're just smoking a doobie. Our t-shirts for 420 do just that. They're made from 100% cotton or with a minimal matrix of polyester.

You'll also find that they're a bit thicker than normal t-shirts. This is because we use high-quality cotton to make the shirt durable.

We also pre-shrink the shirt, so you don't have to worry about your shirt losing two sizes when you put it through the wash. Our 420 t-shirts for sale may just become your new favorite smoking attire.

One last detail that we include is the way that we fold our shirts. We ensure that they're not folded in the middle. Many customers find folding in the middle to be annoying because it develops a crease. Our shirts are carefully folded with a quarter-turn to ensure the creasing is left to a minimum. 

Limited Editions

At times, you may also find our 420 shirts to be limited editions. Every now and then, we make a limited edition shirt with 420 in mind. Because it's limited edition, you're only going to be able to snag it for a short time. We only produce these shirts in a small window. There's also only a small number produced.

If you want a 420 shirt that is completely unique and rare, then buying our limited edition shirts is the time to do it. 

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