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The Best Thongs & Panties For Sale With Humor

Aside from unique womens t-shirts, Cut the Shirt also sells funny thongs for women. Why buy substandard thongs when you can have a high-quality one instead? Here are a few reasons why you should buy our thongs for sale. 

The Thong & Panties That Make Him Laugh

Thongs have become extremely popular over the past few decades. Many women find that wearing thongs makes them feel empowered and sexy. Our thongs aim to provide that feeling as well as offer a bit of humor, too. 

Amusing & Sexy Quotes on Panties & Thongs

All of our women's thongs have amusing quotes written on them. If you like to give yourself a good laugh or you want to give your partner an amused chuckle, then you should check out our thongs for sale. Our women's thongs vary from teasing your partner to challenging them to a good time.

They can invoke passion as much as humor. Why not buy thongs from us and see how it impacts your partner? 

Comfortable to Wear

When you buy thongs from us, you can expect comfort. Our design first begins by ensuring that we have several sizes on hand for everyone's body type. It doesn't matter what size you are, you deserve to feel sexy and empowered. The next consideration we have for our women's thongs is the material.

Our thongs for women are made with 90% cotton and 10% spandex. This ensures that you experience extreme comfort with having just enough stretch to ensure you don't feel like you're being strangled by the thong. One problem that many women experience is with the g-string itself. We ensure that our g-string has some give, so you can always be comfortable wearing it.

Our thongs for women are also lightweight. This is important because the last thing you need is to feel like your thong is constantly falling down your legs. Instead, you barely feel like it's on at all. 

No Crease For Your Outfits

One problem that many pieces of underwear provide is that they crease against certain pants. Everyone can see exactly where your underwear is located. Our thongs for sale eliminate that embarrassing circumstance. They're smooth, sleek, and lightweight, so no one will be able to tell what you're wearing.

That makes them great not just for intimate settings but also for business and formal settings. 

Embrace Your Sexuality

When you buy thongs, you likely do so in the hope of feeling sexy. Our thongs provide that experience, too. Not only do they feel great, but they also come with sexy quotes and challenges that can inspire your partner to quickly get in the mood to play. When you buy thongs from us, you can fully embrace your sexuality and playfulness.

You'll feel sexy and look sexy, too. 

Great For Gifts

Even if you don't want to buy it for yourself, our thongs for sale can be great gifts for other people. Are you going to a bachelorette party soon? What better gift than a thong a bride can use to entice and tease her new spouse? Perhaps you have a friend who always tells dirty jokes. Then buying a thong could be something that amuses them greatly.

Whether you want to give it as a gag gift or as something to help out the chemistry in the bedroom, a thong can be a great gift. 

Check Out Our Inventory

If you want to buy thongs or panties, then take a look at our inventory. You'll find several for sale with different sayings and quotes. We offer different sizes and colors to ensure you find one that matches your particular style. We've partnered up with Cupid's Box for consumers to purchase adult sex toys. Visit their website if you are interested to combine your funny thongs with some unique experiences with your partner.