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The Best Funny T-Shirts For Sale

If you've always been told that you have a twisted sense of humor or that you prefer tongue-in-cheek jokes, then we have the funny t-shirts for you. Our funny t-shirts for guys come in various categories and range from funny shirts with sayings to jokes to even funny images. At the Cut the Shirt, we pride ourselves on making unique and silly t-shirts that guys will love. Here are a few categories of silly t-shirts that you can find with us. 

Everyone Needs a Laugh During a Pandemic

Does the coronavirus have you down? Our funny t-shirts can make life just a little bit easier. We may have just the coronavirus t-shirt for you. Made from 100% cotton, our unique t-shirts are comfortable to wear and easy to keep clean.

Our silly t-shirts for the coronavirus depict the woes of quarantine life and surviving the pandemic. With various sizes from which to choose, you'll be able to find the right shirt for you. 

Show Your Love for Your Favorite Sport

If you don't know how to laugh at sports, then you're taking the game way too seriously. Why not express your love for your favorite sport through a few funny t-shirts? Our funny sports t-shirts for guys are also made from 100% cotton. Even when you're sweating during a high-stakes game, you'll still be comfortable.

Our sports category has plenty of funny shirts with sayings online that offer the perfect jab at most sports. Among adults, funny t-shirts that make fun of sports is a great gift for yourself or your friend.

What better way to express your love for your sport than by tearing it down?

Alcohol Funny T-Shirts

Our funny alcohol t-shirts for sale online are there to poke fun at those who love to drink. Aside from being funny, our online shirts are also unique. Guys will love the amusing truths that our funny shirts with sayings depict.

If you enjoy humor for adults, then our alcohol funny t-shirts may be right up your alley. They're also made of 100% cotton, so you can relax at home or in the bar when you're out drinking.

Make Fun of Your Hobbies

Do you love to hunt or shoot? Then you should look at our funny gun t-shirts. Weapons can be dangerous objects, but they can also be the butt of a few great jokes. Our funny shirts with sayings cover a large range of weapons including guns.

The next time you have a group of adults together about to go hunting or shooting, then make sure you wear your unique shirt. It's made from 100% cotton and won't get in the way of aiming your weapon. 

One of a Kind Designs and Humor

Our funny t-shirts are famous for being interesting and silly. Not only will you find designs here but nowhere else, but you also won't find our sense of adult humor anywhere else either. Aside from providing male adults with funny shirts, we also have funny t-shirts for women for sale.

For humor that can't be copied anywhere else, our silly shirts should be included in your closet. 

Limited Edition Funny Shirts

Now and then, we even make a funny limited edition shirt. These shirts exist for only a short time in our online store. If you want something both rare and funny, then you'll want to snag them quickly. 

Check Out Our Shirts Now

If you want funny t-shirts that stand the test of time, then look at our amusing shirts for sale today.